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Video Marketing is Key

How many videos do you watch in a day? Just think about that.

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You don't need to be a Marketing guru to know that video is the most engaging form of messaging and storytelling. Let's look at the science.

Just some stats from heavy hitters like AdWeek, Business Insider and Forbes, amongst other business leaders.

Think about a platform like YouTube. YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, with 1 Billion hours of video viewed per day. Shall I go on?

Marketing your company with video is key!

Okay, so you are thinking about your video campaign right now. Well, not all videos are created equal. There are some rules to this game, and you want to make sure you use your time and resources wisely for the best results from your video marketing strategies.

There is a lot of planning to do when creating a video marketing strategy.

First, you need to make sure your video is structured. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team:

Video Marketing Strategy questions

1. What is the purpose of this video?

2. What will the audience get from this video?

3. Who is my target audience?

4. What is trending right now in those communities?

5. How does that relate to my business?

6. What can I do to be relevant but original?

Let's say you've answered those questions. The next step is to pull together your resources.

Video checklist, check list, WoImaging

Do you need stock footage? Do you need to set up a video shoot? Do you need a voice over talent or actors? Who will edit? How long will the video be? If you want to produce the commercial internally, what equipment will your team need?

These questions are important because it helps you define a budget, set up deadlines and find those trusted professionals to help you create compelling video. WoImaging works with many clients who don't know where to start or who need a bit of guidance in the world of video production. They have messaging ideas, but don't know what it will take to tell their story and make it visually appealing. Here are some tips from us.

1. Keep your videos between :15 - 2:00. Depending on what the purpose of your video is, timing is everything. If you want to excite people about an event you are having, a show coming up or a new product, :15-:30 is where you want to stay. If you want to highlight an event, showcase your company brand or educate your audience, keeping it around the 1:30 - 2:00 mark is the way to go.

2. Less is more. Wordy, heavy graphic laden, fast moving video is not always effective. Think of the best commercials you've seen. Most of them have just a few clips, minimal text and they only give key information. Some are even driven by music only. The idea is to focus on the emotion of your product more so than it's entire backstory.

3. Think outside the box. When brainstorming ideas with your team, if you ever find yourself referencing other commercials or videos, then you are not authentic. It's been done. Do something different. Gaining inspiration from other brands is great, but always represent your brand, and figure out what makes you stand out.

4. Keep it clean and professional. You may not have to hire a production team for all your video marketing, but you do need to invest in high quality imagery. Hiring a team ensures that you have the right resources to get the best audio, video, graphics, music and messaging. You can also subscribe to a stock footage database or motion graphic automation tool. Using your phone or tablet is not always the best move. Low quality video is a representation of your brand. You want to make a great impression.

Once you've followed the steps to producing a great video, take time to think about distribution and promotion. Make sure you target the platforms your key audiences frequent the most. Majority of the world consumes digital media through their mobile device. Make sure your video is optimized for the web and other media sharing platforms.

So your take aways are:

Know your purpose for video

Know your audience

Only use professional imagery

Be original

You got this!

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