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Top 10 Video Production Equipment

Happy New Year!

It's the perfect time to open up that camera bag and make some decisions. The question is; what to put in it and what to take out? Some would say that's 2 questions...but is it???

We at Woimaging pride ourselves on having all the equipment necessary to tell the best story for our clients. So, today we will let you know what we believe are the 10 most important pieces of video production equipment you'll need to effectively produce a quality video.

BUT...before we list our top 10 gear, I must let you know that using what you have is always #1. Understanding your video production equipment, understanding the type of video you are filming, and understanding the result your client is expecting, far surpasses what any gear can do for you :)



10. Utility

- Headphones

- Slate

- Light Meter/White Balance Card

- Gaff Tape

- Tools (Leatherman/Screwdriver/Pocket Knife)

- Clamps

- Sandbags

- Batteries

- Chargers

(This list is kind of unlimited...)

9. Diffusion

- Soft Boxes

- Reflectors

- Butterfly Skrims

- Umbrellas

- Bounce Boards/Diffusion Paper

8. Adapters/Converters/Filters

- Lens Adapters

- Audio Adapters (XLR, 1/4, 3.5)

- SDI/HDMI Converters

- ND Filters

- Circular Polarizers

- Teleconverters

- Speed Boosters

7. Drone

6. C-Stands

5. Stabilization

- Tripods

- Monopods

- Gimbals

- Sliders

- Shoulder Rigs

- Jibs

4. Camera (Body Only)

- Mirrorless


- Digital Cinema

- Camcorder

- RF

- Point & Shoot

- Film

- 360

- Action

- Broadcast/Studio

3. Lenses

- Primes

- Zooms

- Anamorphic

- Tilt/Shift

- Manual/Automatic Focus

- Telephoto

- Wide

- Fisheye

2. Lighting

- Key

- Fill

- Back/Hair


- Halogen

- Practical


- Daylight

- Tungsten

1. Audio

- Lavalier/Lapel

- Wired/Wireless

- External Recorders

- Field Mixers

- Shotgun/Boom

- Handheld

- Parabolic


Conclusion: All Video Production is important if it helps you have a productive and creative shoot. For every shoot (most likely) there will be some gear that you need and some that you don't. Always know what you are shooting and pack accordingly. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHEN DECIDING WHAT VIDEO PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT TO ADD TO YOUR GEAR IS THE BUDGET REQUIRED TO GET IT. So, know your pockets and keep it real with yourself. If all you have is your phone, then you better have a battery pack and charging cable with you.

I hope this has helped you! If you would like to consult wit us, collaborate with us, or hire us to fulfill your Video Production needs then just say the word. We are just one CONTACT button away. ENJOY!!! :)

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